Before Surgery
Before surgery you need to do some preparation.  You may be required to have pre-operative testing.  These tests usually consist of some blood work and possibly an electrocardiogram.  These tests can be done at our pre procedural testing center located at 111 Madison Avenue.  An appointment is required at this center and you will be given a prescription needed for the tests and the number to call to schedule this appointment.
If you are having bowel surgery you will need to undergo a full bowel prep prior to surgery (this is similar to the prep you have before a colonoscopy).
To facilitate the recovery from surgery it is best to optimize your health and fitness. This includes smoking cessation and abstinence from any type of recreational substances. A healthy diet and exercise is highly recommended, especially for patients with an excess of body weight. All patients will be required to abstain from eating or drinking anything after midnight of the day before surgery. This is a very strict rule set by set by anesthesiologists for your own safety.
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