Hemorrhoid Treatment
A rich network of veins underlies the anal canal with the purpose of cushoning and prevent trauma to this passage with voluminous or hard stool. These are the hemorrhoidal veins. Chronic constipation lead to failure and engorgement of these veins in a very similar way to varicose veins in the legs.
When the enlargement of hemorrhoidal veins occur within the anal canal they are called internal hemorrhoids which produce bleeding and occasional seepage. When the vein enlargement occurs outside they are called external hemorrhoids and these produce pain. The mainstay of treatment is to correct predisposing factors, I.e. Straining and constipation. 
For internal hemorrhoids at early stages several treatment can be done in the office without any discomfort. We offer injection sclerotherapy and rubber band ligation. In external hemorrhoids we recommend local therapy with decongestant creams. Occasionally we may extract a clot from a thrombosed external hemorrhoid. Indications for hemorrhoidectomy are prolapsing internal hemorrhoids that have set residence outside of the anus and external hemorrhoids that produce persistent symptoms in spite of medical therapy.

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